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Push Pack Pre-Packed Hospital Labor Bag
Push Pack Pre-Packed Hospital Labor Bag
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Push Pack Pre-Packed Hospital Labor Bag

All the little things mom needs for delivery day. All bath & body products are natural or organic.

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The Second Generation Push Pack is a pre-packed hospital labor bag created by a mom of three after interviewing countless other moms about what they really wanted and needed while in the hospital. 

"The Push Pack wasn't invented yet when I had my 2 girls but this would have been a lifesaver for me!  Both of my girls had to be delivered early and were "surprise" doctor sent me straight from my weekly check-up to the hospital to be induced.  I wish I had a Push Pack in my car so that my husband could have come straight to the hospital knowing that I had everything I needed already.  But instead, he had to go home and pack the things he *thought* I would want.  Next time, I'm bringing a Push Pack!" -Linsay Chavez, Owner, Busy Mom Boutique

Why Moms Love It:
  • The Push Pack enables you to check one HUGE thing off of your to-do list for the big day!
  • Makes the best gift for baby showers and for friends who are expecting.  A gift that really makes preparing for her delivery date so much easier.
  • The perfect combination of necessities to help keep mom feeling comfortable and relaxed both during and after labor.
  • All bath & body products included are natural/organic!
Push Pack Includes: Lather® body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and facial soap, loofah, shave cream, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant wipes, Motherlove® nipple cream, breast pads, Earth Mama Angel Baby® lip balm & bottom balm, comb, hair band, nail file, disposable under ware, maxi pads, thank you cards, note pad, snacks, gum, lollypop, playing cards, Daddy Scrubs sticker, $10 gift card, and pen. - High quality products focusing on natural / organic.

* Specific brands may change due to availability but will be replaced with items of equal quality.

* All food items are purchased after you buy your push pack to ensure freshness.  Please feel free to leave a note with your order with any special needs (allergies, etc).

There is nothing like preparing for the birth of your first-born. People offer you tons
of advice and tell you what to expect. You will read more books, go to more classes and search websites for knowledge about what to expect when that day arrives. Despite all this research and learning, when "that day" does come, it is nothing like what you thought it would be. 

One thing I struggled with was what to bring to the hospital. There are lists out there, long lists, on what to pack in your hospital labor bag. I know people who brought birthing balls, boom boxes, aromatherapy massage oils, as well as the clothes for themselves and their baby. I don't know any mom who brings the same stuff when they’re having #2. The hospital labor bags for the subsequent births are much smaller and more practical. The only problem is now that you have a child or children, when do you have time to pack all of your essentials? Do you want to live out of a travel bag for two weeks? 

That is why I came up with the idea of the Push Pack - a pre-packed hospital labor bag. I interviewed a bunch of moms asking them what things they were glad to have or wished they’d had while they were in the hospital. The Push Pack includes the items that were mentioned most often. Call it wisdom & experience, peace of mind, and a gift of love all wrapped into one bag. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I made two samples. Little did I know she would arrive a week early and I would need to use my first Push Pack. It was then I decided that I would make these for other moms.
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J David
What a blessing it was to find this!!! This is my 3rd child, with my other 2 being 12 and 10! So I am out of the loop to say the least and working full-time/full time mom! So I went on the hunt to make my last minutes a tad easier and came across the Push Pack! Top notch/quality productts! Has everything you could think of and covers the things you may forget but are so nice to have! I've told all my friends and family and can't wait for the next pregnancy so I can give this as a gift!
Reviewed by: Jaycee David from CA. on 11/4/2014
Work at home mom
This bag is awesome! I received this as a gift a week ago and im still staring at it and i see how much a convient this is vs going out and buying each thing seperate and burning gas. Great idea.
Reviewed by: Octavia Cortes from Homestead, Fl. on 4/4/2013
This is my new "Go To" gift for ALL pregnant women! I got one at my shower for my second child and I couldn't be happier. The only items I had to remember to pack for the hospital were my own clothes and the car seat! Now I give this as a gift every chance I get. What an awesome way to pamper a new mom!I LOVE the Push Pack!!!
Reviewed by: Stephani from Concord, CA. on 1/7/2012
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